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Certified Information
Privacy Professional

Learn the Essential Data Protection Practices

of Key Asian Economies

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The IAPP’s CIPP/Asia credential certifies proficiency in the key data privacy practices of major Asian economies. CIPP/A holders are known for their ability to apply relevant knowledge and a nuanced understanding of privacy practices to the needs of organizations operating in Asia and around the world.

You'll learn:

  • Fundamental Privacy Principles

  • Singapore Privacy Laws and Practices

  • Hong Kong Privacy Laws and Practices

  • India Privacy Law and Practices

  • Common Themes Among Principle Frameworks

After training you'll be able to demonstrate your ability to support vital privacy-related processes such as compliance, cross-border data transfers and internal data protection in major Asian economies. 

What You'll Learn

Why You Should Take CIPM Training

Who Should Train

Professionals responsible for integrating privacy requirements into day-to-day operations dealing with Asian Econimies and those who are pursuing CIPP/A certification.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does the CIPP/A course take?​


This course is split over 2 days, with an average of 8 hours training each day.

How do I take the CIPP/A  exam?


After you've completed the training you'll then be sent a voucher for your exam

which you can redeem on the IAPP's website. 

You can then book the online exam at a time that is convenient to you.

Do I need to take the CIPP/A  exam or can I just do the training?

It's up to you! You don't need to take the exam if you don't want to -

however you won't be certified if you don't. We strongly advise that you take the exam,

as apart from the great training you'll receive, the prestigious certification

from the IAPP is respected worldwide and will help you in your future career. 

Is the training In-Person or Online?

Data Privacy.Academy offers online courses only.

However, our parent company Mena Executive Training offers in-person training

in the Middle East. Click Here for more.

Who is this CIPP/A  course for?

The course is open to anyone. However, professionals responsible for integrating privacy requirements into day-to-day operations and those who are pursuing CIPP/A certification

will find this course most beneficial.

Are you an Official Training Partner of the IAPP?


Yes! You can confirm this on the IAPP's website.

Why are you cheaper that everyone else?

We do everything we can to keep our overheads down as a company

so we can offer these courses as competitively as possible. 


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